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New to Columbus, need gamers!
2009-07-06 03:43:35

Hello Columbus!

I just moved down here and I'm looking to join or form a group of players. I happily run any new WoD (except Werewolf we just don't get along), Burning Wheel, Aces & Eights (which is what I'm gunning for right now), Dark Heresy, and Warhammer Fantasy. I'm pretty much willing to try any RPG twice (except DnD, we're just not friends). Drop me a line here if you're interested in forming a group!

— Pece Out

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2009-07-09 02:36:49

Hey what's up, I've actually been on the lookout to either spread out and game with another group or at least bring in some new blood into the gaming group I've been with. We've mostly done Palladium system games since god knows when, but we've dabbled in Savage Worlds here lately. I'd actually love to try out new 4th edition DnD, but apparently it's almost universally reviled >sigh<.

Otherwise I don't mind learning a new system, I've heard some good things about Burning Wheel, and for some reason Mouse Guard looks interesting, or maybe it's just that I like the artwork.

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