BeddesCon in Omaha Jan 24th 2009

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2008-12-16 05:30:49

Posted to the Nuke-Con group -- BeddesCon!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to announce Beddescon is back and better the ever.

Beddescon 2009: Dark Corners of Omaha

When: Jan 24th, 2009.8AM to Midnight Where: Hilton Garden Inn near 180th and Dodge Why: CAUSE WE WANT TO!!! How: $3 at the door. Snack, soda and sack lunches will be for sale as well.

You know that the shadows are everywhere, even in the brightest of places. We are what they find in those shadows. --

I'm thinking of running a couple of Mongoose Traveller events. I'll post a URL if I can find one.

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