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2013-01-15 15:34:24

Hey fellow gamers!

Some local gamers in the Warner Robins area are in the process of putting together a gaming convention to be hosted in October! This is hopefully going to be an annual event in the Middle Georgia area, and we'd really like the get the word out to everyone that might be interested. .

We really need all the help we can get to spread the word and get people interested. The more people ready to game, the more likely this awesome event will happen! A kickstarter will be up and running within a month.

Check out the convention page!

Go ahead, like the page to keep updated with our progress and please don't hesitate to share!


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Warner Robins gamer seeking group.
2013-08-06 02:00:51

Cool beans. Their tabletop game list seems to only be 7 games long, with stuff I'm mostly not interested in, but I'll probably get a pass anyway just to show support so hopefully they can get bigger and offer more next time.

2015-12-23 08:35:40

I can't believe I just missed this event! I'm glad that it's still going and I'll be sure to attend the next one.

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