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Calling all oldschool AD&D players!
2010-05-11 02:55:22

Calling all oldschooling DC/NoVa area players, after a few month hiatus, i've gone tired of not playing. I am looking for a group too either play with or DM a 1st/2nd edition Dungeons & Dragons game, Based either in the standard DnD gaming system or in the Dragonlance gaming world. Im looking for players 21+ on up in age, who either have some experience with the earlier D&Ding or rather willing to learn. Players should be laid back, quick with a joke or movie referance, be ready to relax and play common sense storytelling and not rule lawyering. I encourage creativity and generally is pretty easy going with something specific or special for a character's background.

Hosting at this point is up in the air at the moment but will definately remain in the Northern Virginia area.

hope to see some oldschoolers out there.

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