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California Central Coast Public
2010-07-11 03:52:37

Looking for a few gamers to join my group in Santa Maria. We meet on sundays, 12-4 at Leisure Games in the Town Center Mall.

Prefer players well read in fantasy literature, but what's most important is interest and attention.

The group has been going for a year now but we're losing some of our regulars to real life developments.

I have been the only GM up to now, but am interested in switching off if someone else wants to run something.

My own game is low powered, character and story driven, using my own homebrew Old School system.

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Role Playing For Life!
2012-03-28 02:21:56

Im intreseted in joining any kind of RPG!! im kind of new, but a fast learner!


2012-06-07 09:25:17

Bump. Am again actively looking for players.

2013-10-11 00:05:10

I'm pretty much new to D&D. I've never even played. I've been reading the rule books for 3.5 whenever I get the chance. I want to play, most of my friends do not, and the ones that do can't dedicate themselves. Could I join? I live in Santa Maria.

2015-04-14 14:13:43

You guys still playing? Hit me up at

Gaming Couple Looking For Friends - 09SEP18
2016-09-23 00:28:33

Moving down that way this winter. Feel free to hit me up at any time.

DM and Inventive Player, d&d, pf and shadowrun
2017-09-14 22:07:11

Still looking? I'd be happy to come check it out. Hmu!

Gaming Couple Looking For Friends - 09SEP18
2018-09-12 06:57:12

For anyone that wanders through, we do lots of board games and RPG stuff on the Central Coast Gaming discord server:

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