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2009-09-08 13:17:54

We are currently looking to fill two or even three spots in our 4th ed. Eberron campaign along with meeting RPG players in the Indy Northside area. We meet weekly on Saturday mornings at my apartment south of Castleton/west of Lawrence from 10:30 AM until around 3:30 PM, with a 30-minute lunch break in the middle. If you're looking for a long-term game (and I plan to take this campaign to level 30, baby!) and you're cool, respectful and laid-back then we may be the group for you. Naturally we're interested in players who know the rules but if you're new but dedicated we will be happy to teach you.

Our current campaign is paused at Level 2 as we've just begun the Seekers of the Ashen Crown module. This is my first time DMing Dungeons & Dragons but I game mastered a Shadowrun campaign for two years straight. I also wrote adventures professionally for Catalyst (the publishers of Shadowrun) for about a year for their Missions line. Other game interest of ours include Spycraft 2.0, 2300AD, and the new Eclipse Phase game. We're all working professionals in our thirties, total nerds, totally awesome and totally lovable.

I have a fairly extensive library of D&D 4e books as well as hundreds of minis so all you'd need to bring is a basic Player Handbook and your player sheet. I'd describe our style as "one-part role-play/one-part roll play." My games are usually very heavy in plot and story so even if you have a bad day with dice, at least you will be entertained.

Feel free to drop me a line at wesley_street(at) or send me a post and we can chat.

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