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2016-08-28 15:33:44

Hello! I'm in Fayette county and have never played any d&d or other role playing games (due to lack of interested players) but do play board games with a local group. I would like to try playing and might even be able to convince my wife to come along if I can find someplace friendly to novice players. We are looking for fellow 30 somethings who are usually free on the weekend. Do you have a group that currently plays, or are you trying to find interested individuals? Do you use someplace like roll20 or meet in person? I hope to hear from you and wish you luck in finding a group.

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More blood wine! *said in Klingon*
2016-08-29 18:25:47


I'm in Olive Branch. Im trying to start a rpg group. Im willing to DM. Need 4 players to start. If you are interrested, give me a shout. Thanx!

2016-10-02 15:05:26

I would in into this and I also have another that would join. is this still happening

2016-11-29 02:21:23

my name is thomas, pleasure to meet you. i have been looking for players if youd like to play dnd over skype or atleast hear about it. let me know. all of my details are on my profile.

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