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Open for any gaming?
2008-07-25 01:31:31

I'm new to the area and open to join any RPG/table top/board game group. I played in college a couple years back, but I've been inactive since. Kinda interested in DnD 4e and learning what that's all about. I take the games relatively seriously, but after all, it's only a game.

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Up for any type of game. Want to try Shadowrun.
2008-08-23 19:23:32

I'd be down for trying to start a Shadowrun game up. Don't really have an interest in DMing, but I'd love to play in one.

Mornin' all...
2009-07-23 16:43:03


Myself and fishbackw on this site are trying to find people to start a 4th ed. D&D group. Would you be interested in joining? We live around the Katy/Richmond area, so not too far away from where you are.

Cheers, Dave

2009-07-24 19:41:41

I am looking to run or play a non-D20/non-D&D roleplaying game on a weekly basis. Wide variety and 29 years experience.

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