New D&D Game in Orange County, Ca.

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Archaelius awaits
2009-07-21 05:54:45

I have written (and continue to write) a new campaign based on the 1st edition rules of AD&D. The adjustments to the game have been made to make the game play more like a video game or mmporg. I have implemented a job system that is is similar to the system used in Final Fantasy XI in which a player can start as one of four basic job classes and then unlock other jobs as they gain experience levels. Some of the unlockable jobs are: Dual-Arts Mage, Anti-Paladin, Pirate and Samurai. These new "advanced classes" are difficult to obtain, however they will offer the player powerful new skills and abilities that will make the effort to obtain them well worth it. The campaign is called Archaelius and if you are interested in joining and live in the Orange County area, then see my profile for contact information. At this point we have room for about two more (experienced) players. Happy gaming and I hope to hear from you.


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