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2019-08-22 11:16:04

Greetings! First of all thank you for reading! I am a DM looking for players to join our capaign!

A couple of things to note: The campaign will be a West-Marches one that we run on a Discord server playing on roll20 time to time. So even when not on session you can still rp with other players by text, try to improve your character's skills, create new gear with things that you've discovered, etc.

We are Spanish speakers living in Japan and Spain, so please join us only if you are able to comunicate in Spanish. As we live in different counties our game schedule is a little complicated, but I go by the rule of "if 3 characters are up we are game".

The system is based in DND5e due to it being very easy to understand and aply, but It is hard homebrewed so expect surprises! I want to prioritice Roleplay, storytelling, exploration and creation even though there will be combat when needed. Up until now we usually have 1 big or 2 small combats per session. My biggest inspirations would be CriticalRole, Made In Abyss, Android Netrunner, Eclipse Phase, Metroid... For the setting you could think of a typical cyberpunk world where weird fantasy-like things happens time to time.

Now, putting it like this it just sounds... Weird? My main goal is to build a world with my players, adapting their classes as their unique story grows and throwing them different ideas, problems and situations to see how the world evolves. Just think of players living in the cyberpunk macro-city of NeoGea houndreds of years into the future of the Earth, where they will find houndreds of misteries, fight street bands, hack their way to discover the evil intents of macro-corporations and, above all, try to gain access to the portal conecting to an unkwon and cruel world, Al-Terra. This world will be yours to play with, to deal with and to learn from.

I've been working on different guides to enter the campaign easily and I will be at your disposition to help you create your characters, think the backgrounds, etc. Now, As I would like to keep our little comunity as healthy as possible, I would like to speak with anyone who wants to join us directly first so I will let my discord user here: DistractKite#5902

All this being said, thank you for your time and hope to find some palls around here to have a nice time with!

And as a last note, remember,

El mundo es vuestro.

— El mundo es vuestro.

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