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2018-02-06 21:19:13

Looking for new players for a short sci-fi RPG campaign in Midtown NYC. It'll most likely be a weekly campaign that will run for at least 2 months. I've set up a site with more detailed campaign info:

I'll be running a campaign set in a future post-apocalypse world loosely based on 1970's science fiction (Planet of the Apes specifically) We'll be using the game Apes Victorious, an OSR-style RPG from Goblinoid Games. It's a fairly simple system, similar to old-school D&D. You don't need any experience to play. Newbies are more than welcome.

You can get the free PDF version of the game (without the art) at

You'll play a group of 1970s astronauts, soldiers, and scientists who have volunteered for Project PAX, a benevolent scientific organization dedicated to rebuilding the world after a feared future apocalypse.

We'll be running the game in a style of an an old-fashioned hex crawl. You'll be exploring a radically changed environment, and braving strange dangers such as mutant creatures, humanoids, and of course - apes! Players can advance in ability and skill, and have a chance to change the game world.

We don't have a specific date yet, but we'll be using Meetup for scheduling at Meetup - Apes Victorious

I've set up a site with more detailed campaign info:

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