looking to join d&d campaign Monash area

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want to join an existing campaign or start new one
2009-03-21 11:40:57

Hi... I'm a player looking to join an existing d&d campaign somewhere close to the Glen Waverley area. If I can find enough interested people - starting a new campaign would also be good. Drop me a line if interested. Mat.

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Looking for games to join.
2011-08-06 13:33:06

I'm a player as well. If a new campaign starts up then I'd love to join.

Newbie Looking for new games!
2011-08-07 07:44:32

Two newbies looking to join a new campaign. If one starts up, we would love to join

Gotta love the goblin's loincloth
2012-05-03 16:33:42

Where are you all located? I have been looking to start a new group, but i haven't been able to find enough people.

— Gfrizouw
looking for a DM and players for a 3.5 campaign.
2012-05-05 04:42:35

I'm a player in the Ormond area (Close to Chadstone) and I'm keen to start a new game or join one too, so I'm down for this!

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