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Pete, trying to revive my homebrew D&D game.
2008-10-24 16:08:33

Hello! I run a homebrew D&D game that I'm trying to get going again. In order to do this, it needs one or two more local players. The small group (3, sometimes 4) we have already are casual players (age mid-20s) and the system is pretty freeform, we just like to have fun with it. We all work full-time and would like to play once a month, maybe up to every other week if possible. It's my own campaign setting but is very similar to other medieval-fantasy D&D settings.

Anyone interested, or if you'd just like more information, feel free to contact me on here or on AIM as "Synaesth8"

Happy Gaming!

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Looking for DnD 3.5 game, maybe 4.0 game.
2009-06-14 19:26:04

I see that your post is pretty old, but if you're still looking for someone for your game, I'm up for it. I just moved up to West Henrietta but I'm somewhat familiar with the area as I graduated from RIT in 2005. If you're interested in playing my email address is Thanks.

2009-06-15 14:18:24

I'm looking to do somethng similar in England.

Lots of ideas foirm when I did regular gaming, and over the decades since.

Looking for players, ideally ab le to meet for play seesions, but also online gamers to add to world.

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