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2016-09-27 16:50:41

Hey, I live near City College (not a student) and looking to get some people together for a weekly hangout I have a couple Boardgames but also played a lot of D&D5e so that would also work for me.

My wife is also keen to get involved and I am able to host, I have a big Lounge and table.

I'm in my mid 20s, but happy to play with anyone say 21+.

I am really flexible just keen to meet new people and have some fun playing games.



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2016-10-03 03:22:21

Hello, I have a DnD 5e group that needs more players if you are still interested. We play near 175th st A train station.

2017-02-12 12:29:18


I just moved to Inwood (207 St). I am a very experienced board gamer and would be up for meeting up. I have never played D&D but would be interested in giving it a try.


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