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2018-01-02 05:39:52

I'm fairly new to Vegas (but, I'm an Ol'Skool gamer) and I'm looking for a fun, friendly and active group of Pen N'Paper, Casual Magic/CCG or similar RPG or Video gamers to join. Seems like many places online I saw before moving here are going inactive, so, I personally have my own apartment where sometimes I can have a game. Or, if you already have a large table, somewhere, and you have an active group.. Let me know. I don't do DND much, sorry. But I'll try just about anything once., hopefully I can find like-minded gamers near my area, I live near UNLV.

Let's Game in the New Year!

P.S. I'd prefer reply's that aren't based around a game shop or game store/businesses with strict hours, nor anywhere with a bunch of chaos going on around the game. Kinda tired of huge amounts of drama while just trying to game. No alcohol or drugs during games/sessions, please. Thanks.

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