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Durham Tabletop Games Public
2017-03-28 21:48:33

Hey all, I've just joined this site and I'm looking to start a D&D 5e group. I can dm and host in Courtice Ontario. Although if a group nearby is already running I would love to join if possible.

Hawk86 03.28.17

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looking to start playing DnD
2017-06-01 02:51:58

i too would like to join any nearby games running if there are any. im a new gamer, and am trying to find someone to DM a few of us or a group that i could join to learn the game . or if anyone can point me in a direction to find a game that would be awesome as well.

Ajax Gamer
2019-01-05 22:17:44

I just stumbled across this site looking for a gaming group. If this is still alive. This makes three of us. If we get a few more we could get an adventuring party together.

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