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2009-03-22 21:41:40

Hello everybody,

A friend and I are looking for two to four players and GMs to play DND4e in a down to earth environment. What is a down to earth environment, you may ask. Well, neither of us are hardcore DND players, in fact, he's pretty new to DND and is still learning the system. We both want to make some new friends, and generally have a good time playing one longer session or two shorter sessions every couple weeks. I'm in my mid 20's and he is in his early 30's.

Neither of us really want to GM (though I could do it if absolutely necessary), but if somebody else wants to take the helm that would be great. We'd like to play as paragon level PCs. We do not care about the game world, and we both have pretty much ever source book and Dragon Magazine released to date. Rules lawyers, need not apply.

We'd like to find like minded players, who prefer good company and new friends who we can hang out with outside of DND sessions. I am more than happy to host the sessions at my pad. My other group has told me its a great place to play. =)

We're thinking about playing every other Monday afternoon for a longer session, maybe 2pm until 8pm. Or, we could try to find a couple times every other week, but we'd have to check out our schedules before we could commit to anything. Some Saturdays could also work for longer sessions as well. If we met weekly, we could do every Monday for a shorter session. Of course, we can figure the specifics out later.

Please let me know if you are interested, send an email. Looking forward to figuring something out!

Thanks. =)

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