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2009-04-21 21:10:32

I was wondering how many are interested in 3.5 homebrew campaign world I'm thinking of dming. I'm free Tuesday and Wednesday...

It's going to be level 1, 32 point buy and please core classes only...

Gaia’s Creation Legends say several billion years ago Gaia never existed, it was an empty void in the vastness of space which no gods pay attention to. However this all changed when the emptiness emerged and launched an assault in the realms of the gods. Caught off guard by creatures whom they lack the ability to track appeared suffered many casualties including the King of the gods named Ao. After many long years the gods were able to push back to the emptiness back to their beachhead; however they were unable to eradicate the emptiness. Instead the gods created the planet known as Gaia in order to serve as part of the seal to lock away the emptiness. Although was Gaia finally created, it remain a lifeless husk for countless years, until the Goddess Tamina descended down to the planet’s surface. Tamina filled the barren world with an atmosphere, water a sun for which to revolve around. From then on Tamina became known as the goddess of life with the sun as her symbol.

The Age of the Ancients

Little is known about the Ancients except they were once the ruled Gaia as a single empire. They were also known to wield incredible amount of magic, such ability to travel the stars create flying ships and even flying islands. As for the citizens themselves, little is known about them and even scholars disagree which race control the government. Some say they were humans, other says elves, nevertheless what is agreed upon was that the ancients disappeared approximately ten thousand years ago followed by the age of darkness.

The Age of Darkness

The Age of Darkness also known as the age of turmoil was when the Ancients disappeared suddenly and without warning. At the same time Gaia’s access to the weave disappeared; the weave was source of all known magical and supernatural abilities. Civilization regressed to almost primitive standards, the flying cities crash to the ground save for one known as Al’tu. At various points of Gaia the land was tainted with a weird disease that wasted away the person, and even today there is no known cure (even through magical means). Overtime several small city states started to appear all along Gaia as the world started to recover. Although various city states started to sprout exploration was still perilous as the curse lands still claim many lives, resulting in only two known continents fully explored despite the ancient maps depicting 4 others. Officially the age of Darkness ended when the weave returned about 50 years ago and ushered in the age of magic.

The Age of Magic

Suddenly without warning the weave seem to have return as several relic items of the past started to glow along with various creatures gaining supernatural abilities. Various civilizations started experimenting with ancient rituals, as result the early wizard schools started first by the Elven nation and then copied by other races. Approximately 40 years ago the Great War occurred Between Elven Kingdom, Mordikan (civilization of the dwarfs named after their god) against the human empire known as Sliver Water (named after the capital city) and the Gnome nation over control for ancient magical knowledge. The Great War was fought for about 20 years before the second Human Empire known as Vorel, joined on the side of the Elven and Mordikan nations in the last 4 years of the breaking the stalemate and finally brought the war to a close.

After Wars end Sliver Water and Gnome nations was force to pay reparation tribute to the victors along with Sliver Water’s provinces dissolved into several nations. However The Elven kingdom also suffered, as several rebellions due to unpopular views of the war, higher tax rates to help pay the war finally caused the Elven nation to fragment into 3 nations.

Present Day

Even after 20 years since the Great War many people still have bitter views about the war and blame each other for the war. Depending on whom you ask, you’ll receive various reasons and the only thing they could agree is that the various alliances caused the escalations to a war involving all of known Gaia. 5 years ago the nation known as the Drow was discovered living in vast underground complex; they’re commonly referred to as to half-elves as slang as they appeared to be dark skinned half-elves.

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Hey, where in NYC? I am in queens. I have been looking for players/groups all over.

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