Gargy Gygax Dead at 69



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2008-03-04 19:16:11

There's only a brief AP story so far, but it confirms that Gary Gygax has passed away after a long struggle with illness.

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Thinks the thinker should of thought better
2008-03-04 19:19:02

wow...that...realy sucks....its

2008-03-04 19:54:32

Well, he had a good life. Along with Dave Arneson, he not only created D&D, but the whole idea of role-playing games. D&D and RPGs became a worldwide phenomenon and brought a lot of pleasure to a lot of people. And D&D has inspired many popular wargames, boardgames, video games and even films and books. Very few people achieve as much.

And in my opinion, no subsequent official edition of D&D has actually improved on the early rules written by Gary (the original rules and 1st edition AD&D), and the 1st edition DMG is one of the most useful and best written RPG rulebooks ever.

2008-03-04 20:07:25

The Associated Press article says "Despite his declining health, he hosted weekly games of Dungeons & Dragons as recently as January".

I have to wonder what rules he used. AD&D 1st edition? Or maybe Castles and Crusades? He had been planning to publish a version of his Castle Greyhawk dungeon using the C&C rules, which I suppose now we will never see.

I've always thought it's a pity we never saw a "Gygaxian" 2nd edition of AD&D. He did write a game called Lejendary Adventures after leaving TSR - I don't know anything about that, is it any good?

2008-03-04 22:35:56

Actually, I just stumbled across a Q&A session he did on Dragonsfoot, and I see that the D&D game he DMed in January used the original D&D rules.

The gamer that runs this site
2008-03-05 02:12:47

I've been thinking a lot about this today. Gygax hugely upset wargaming when he created Dungeons and Dragons, and I don't know of any similar games developed independently. If it wasn't for Gygax, RPGs might not have shown up for years or decades. Maybe they would've chosen a different default theme and modern games wouldn't be predominately quasi-medieval.

Female gamer looking for more players.
2008-03-06 19:07:44

I plan on going to his funeral on Saturday. The world has lost a great man.

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