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2013-08-13 05:46:33

Looking to find 1st Edition AD&D gamers in the York Region area Ontario, Canada), or relatively close by, like Toronto - even areas bordering Simcoe, Peel and Durham Regions. Preference is Friday or Saturday nights on weekly or bi-weekly basis. Mature players, about 30 years and up. No dressing-up or over-the-top stuff - just adventure, exploration, fun, strategy, interesting scenarios (wilderness, dungeons, towns - not all combat), camaraderie, relaxed atmosphere, dice, core books, pens, graph paper, junk food, some miniatures, etc.

Now re-immersing in all the core books. Played as a youth, then on and off over the years, but really want to get going again, with a campaign - original Adventures Modules, DM-created campaigns and/or randomly-generated settings/encounters.

Send me a message if interested.

DXMAN [posted Aug. 13, 2013]

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