Starting a Sunderland/Newcastle group?

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Looking for people to play with!
2013-02-17 10:22:55

I've recently been introduced to tabletop gaming and RPGs by some friends and it would be great to get a group started in the area.

That said, I have very little in the way of 'credentials' and so am going to need a hand getting something started.

Who is up for this?

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2013-06-16 11:54:37

Hi there I am part of a d&d group playing ad&d 2nd edition rules but we're open to other games. I am actually looking to start the Dragon Age if that interests you. The group is based in South Shields but as it is a group a meet up before hand would probably be best. Let me know if you are interested and I can contact the rest of the group to arrange things.

New player eager to play!
2014-05-25 12:08:21

Did this group ever get off the ground?

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