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6+ years DMing experience
2010-10-31 19:24:02

You come out of the shadows of the cave, into the bright sun that you thought might not exist in this mysterious place. For the first time you get to look about yourself, and everything you have known, has just simply vanished. Streets do not exist, cars seem to have never touched this place. Where is all the fast-food? The comfty houses and the tall towers and and the grimey sidewalks with litter all over them!"

The campaign setting for this world is called Lost Eden, and was created by myself a couple years ago, but ever continues to grow. It starts off in a very warped and twisted modern society, but soon you find yourself in a completely different world, one you never expected truely did exist, and find out for yourself what a fantasy life really was like.

The catch with this campaign is you get to enjoy the character reactions of being thrust into a world that should not exist. Your characters lived real lives in modern societies, and now...well...let's say they are on an adventure they will never forget. I use texting as my primary way of getting in touch with my players, so if you wish to try the campaign and can not use texting for any reason, I am flexible but this is the most convient way for me.

I expect everyone to be on time to games.

Experience needed: None - I am willing to teach you the ropes and the rules, but you must be willing to put the time into your character and explore your strengths/weaknesses in the process.

If you are interested please contact me A.S.A.P!

We will be using maptools, hamachi, and ventrilo to run the game virtually.

Game time is set for Sundays at @2pm Central time.

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2012-07-17 02:15:59

is this the d&d online game or is it just using chat software to play a game, because my cpu cant run d&d online. im willing to play on schedule but im a noob to this game. i read the players handbook and the dm guide, but i cant dm good. i've only played one dungeon but ik the basics so reply if i can play.oh yea one more thing. im a kid. give it no limitations, i can still play.

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