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Willing to learn what I haven't already played.
2013-02-24 02:46:02

We're looking for players to join our role-playing group. We are aiming at playing a variety of role-playing games including Pathfinder, 7th Sea, Godlike and others but we're also always up for learning and playing something new.

We welcome new players so no experience is needed. We'll play a short game or two to get us started before playing any lengthy campaigns. We plan on playing every other weekend in Durham, NC starting about 10AM and running for at least four hours, but the schedule will be flexible.

If you'd like more details check out our website: And if you’re interested in playing, email Michelle at Let us know a little bit about you, your experience with games, what you’ve played and what you’re interested in playing.

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Willing to learn what I haven't already played.
2014-05-10 22:57:55

We'll be starting a new Pathfinder game on May 24th. We'll be creating characters that day and then meeting every other weekend from then on to play. If you've never played before, we'll be happy to teach you. Check out the website if you'd like more details and email me at if you're interested in playing.

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