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Seeking Characters (and their Players) World of Darkness Campaign [Cross-Genre, Roleplaying, High-Level]

The Game - Seeking two to three committed players for a fortnightly White Wolf (WW) game in SE1 near Tower Bridge. Cross-genre campaign (players can choose to play a character from any WW system, subject to Storyteller approval) with well-developed story arcs, NPCs and conflicts. Characters will be high-powered (approximately 1000XP) and players should be very familiar with the WW core rules, plus the rules of their preferred system(s). The game is fast-paced, role-play heavy, and a high degree of engagement and investment is expected from players to give and get the most from the campaign. To avoid doubt, this is not a group for casual gamers, players unfamiliar with WW, or hack-and-slash devotees.

The Campaign - It's 'London by Night' and the Seers of the Throne (a fascist Order of powerful Mages) have declared war on the supernatural denizens of the city, wiping a significant portion out in a single genocidal act of sorcery, and leaving the survivors to somehow recover, mount a resistance and decide whether to fight or flee. They say that 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend', and the harsh circumstances find Vampires considering cooperation with Werewolves, the Changelings entering into compacts with Sin-Eaters and strangers things breaking their silence and emerging from the shadows in search of collective protection. The Pentacle Mages - historical enemies of the Seers - were moving to retake London when the apocalypse occurred, but find themselves beset on all sides and in need of allies.

The Players - Experienced Storyteller plus two existing players, all a friendly and clever mix of international, artistic, geek chic, theatrical, intellectual, and passionate about the game. The story's reached a natural 'reboot' point, so no previous knowledge of this campaign/story is necessary, and new players would be at no disadvantage. We all do tend to enjoy building out and working on our characters between games, and proactively invest time and effort increasing our fluency in the WW materials and systems, so someone similarly inclined would likely fit in best. Tactical thinkers, creative minds, quick wits and excellent role-players particularly welcome!

The Application - If interested, send an E-mail with:

  • Any questions, a little bit about yourself, your WW experience and preferred system(s); or if it sounds like we're the ones you're looking for, also add
  • A well-developed character concept (400ish words), so we can get an idea of your style and role-playing skills).
Click here for more information about the campaign and setting to consider if you're interested. Shortlisted players will be invited to join for a one-off game to get to know each other, with an invitation to the campaign made to good-fit players as we find them.

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