scifi roleplayers needed

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2009-10-04 20:09:33

Projected Time of Game? Once a week on Sundays 2-8pm

Location of Game? Humble/Kingwood area

Requirements to Play? none. Dice, pencils, rules, minis all provided if need be.

Previous Experience Level? any

Maximum Participants? 5

Length of Projected Play? 3-6 months

Attendance Level? every week

Seriousness Level? Easygoing

Content Maturity Level? PG-13

Noise Level? Within Reason - - - Fantasy vs Reality? High Fiction

Roleplaying Required? Background Motivated

Hack & slash Level? Average

Likelihood of PC Fatality? Possible

Rate of Leveling Up? Average - - -

Campaign Location? original galaxy

Starting Races? 36 - - - DM's Authority Level? Normal

Player Termination? flakiness/rules lawyer/cheating

Metagaming Acceptability? Acceptable Sometimes

Banned Devices? Handheld Games, Laptops, PDAs, cellphones on vibrate

Post Game Cleanup? none

Very easy system to learn (percentiles), 36 races, 15 occupations, guns, hand to hand, cyber, bots, mutations, psychic powers, starship combat....its great!

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