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2010-10-29 16:08:11

Hi all,

With the yearly Origins Games Fair held in Columbus every year, there's bound to be at least a few RPG gamers around here, am I right? I'm looking to join up with an established group or form up a new group of local, like-minded gamers for whatever the group wants to came. I'm good for D&D, Palladium, Savage Worlds, M:tG, Illuminati or whatever else anybody has out there. Drop me a line at paddirn at gmail (dot) com if you're interested.

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2014-02-16 03:09:28

Any chance that anyone is looking for a game to join? If so, contact me through here and we can arrange a time to meet at the Guardtower or some other place convenient.

2014-12-18 15:39:01

In looking for a game group now, we were finally going to run fourth edition, but I'm up for whatever you want to play.

3.5 Pathfinder
2016-04-20 16:20:22

Greetings! I am in the Columbus, OH area and I am looking for a pathfinder game to play in.

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