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A gaming club on the north shore
2010-07-28 23:42:27

Ministry of Game is a new gaming club that has been formed on the north shore of Sydney, NSW, and is open for players to come and join.

We'll be running games on Tuesday nights, usually during school term time. We run our games in a church, using their lower separated rooms. We put on dinner first for anyone who wants to eat ($7 to cover the meal), and we'll sell some cold drinks and stuff, but the games themselves are free, because the church gives us the building for nothing!

Check out our website for more information, or contact us here, or email for more information.

— Ministry of Game - <insert witty motto here>

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A gaming club on the north shore
2010-08-07 21:31:03

Only just over a week till our games at Ministry of Game start in St Ives!

We still have room in three of our games:

Making Myth - 2nd edition D&D

The Paxton Gambit - 2nd edition Heavy Gear

Coming of Age - 4th edition D&D

So come to our website at and join up!

— Ministry of Game - <insert witty motto here>
A gaming club on the north shore
2010-08-14 22:19:52

Our games start on Tuesday, 17th August! Only a couple of days away now.

We still have room in our 2nd edition D&D game, Making Myth. So check out the website, contact the DM, come along and join in!

— Ministry of Game - <insert witty motto here>
A gaming club on the north shore
2011-06-05 00:36:05

We have a new game available for all interested players in the Sydney North Shore area!

It's a Feng Shui game called Ten Thousand Guns. Play as a hero seeking to help fight against a devious underground crime syndicate. Packed full of Hong Kong movie action!

For more information, contact me, or check out!

— Ministry of Game - <insert witty motto here>
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