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2008-03-08 15:41:22

The Greater Washington, D.C. RPG group is holding monthly gaming events. This month's is at the MLK library, right next to the Chinatown metro stop.

You can RSVP and see full details at the group's Meetup site. A list of this month's games, copied from the Meetup post is below. We're also looking for GMs to run games of all systems for future months.

This month's games

D&D v3.5/DM-Mark/Type-Campaign/6-8 Players

This Game is full to my knowledge Characters will begin at 1st level. My mini-campaign will be based on Paizo's Pathfinder series. "Burnt Offerings" is the first module, which begins in the coastal town of Sandpoint. Trade routes are currents of news from abroad with every traveler. And talk of rampaging dragons and amassing armies has everyone on edge. As a distraction, the people of Sandpoint eagerly count the days until a festival that will commemorate the consecration of a new temple. But goblin tracks have been sighted even as an unknown malady strikes Sandpoint. People are left deformed and dangerously insane. The PC's are hired to uncover whatever strange connection may lie between the goblin presence and the mysterious contagion.

Manhunter(d20 Future)/GM-Christopher/Type-One Shot/3-7 Players

"When da' Strechies and HuNams wants it done all smooth and clean like, they's call on they own... when they's wants it done hard and nasty, they calls on da' likes of us".
Background: In the year 3010, intergalactic empires and omnipresent MegaCorps dominate the whole of civilized space. The hard-working folk drag their feet as insignificant cogs in the great interstellar machine and the infection of hi-technology and low-society meet in the streets to form a muddy and bloody dystopian cyberpunk star-scape populated by homicidal robots, scheming alien entities and fascist stellar regimes. Behind the soma-laced, technicolored, holo-screens of the public sector lies a world of interstellar mayhem where smugglers, con-men, and cold-blooded killers keep the lifeblood of the galaxy from going stagnant. This is your world... and you've got someone to kill.
The Score: This one-shot is a squad based tactical scenario that takes place in New York City on True Earth in the Sol system in the year 3010. From the smuggler controlled Free-City of Staten island, the PC's street-gang/raider-crew has been charged with infiltrating the 4-Boroughs of New York and eliminating 3 targets in a span of one night. The PC's play the dregs of the universe; pirates, murders and sociopaths. You are a lethal cohort of well-armed criminals with enough street cred & knowhow to do the dirty work of the underworld's rich and famous. Here's the catch.., this contract is open to anyone on Staten Island and you can bet your plasma repeater that you won't be the only sick and twisted madmen making your way into the HuNams' (Terrans') big city to earn some solid green and a bit of moxie. The only real question is how to do the dirty work fast enough to rake in all the cash. - Immerse yourself in the "Blade-Runneresque" wasteland city of New York, 3010. The PC's will be handed their assignments and a quick breakdown of about 12 pre-made characters and their basic strengths and weaknesses. From that point, the group will be given 15 minutes to brainstorm and assemble a group of death-dealer's that they feel will be able to accomplish the tasks effectively. So if you want to assemble a group of ninjas or just go the A-team route, be my guest. -The entire scenario will be open-ended and run independently of the PC's involvement. Choose your own methods and order for dealing with the targets. From stealth and diplomacy to full-on guns blazing, all options will have their strengths and weaknesses. But realize that other groups are after the same thing as you. -No experience is necessary to play but a bit of wild, outside-the-box thinking and an enjoyment of sci-fi will go a long way. If you haven't had a chance to see it, go rent Bladerunner and you'll have all the experience you need. -For more information on the MANHUNTER setting, check out the MANHUNTER.PDF in the files section of the Greater Washington DC RPG Meetup group.

MINIMUS/GM-Chris/Type-One Shot/4-6 Players

With friends like these... A young Caldaran aristocrat travels to the seedy port of Marseir in the hopes of recovering a stolen family heirloom. Unfortunately for him, the local guard holds no sway over the docks. Desperate for help, he seeks out a well-known den of thieves to aid him in his search. Will his new hired friends be able to track down the trinket before it slips through the cracks of the local black market? Set in a world resembling early 18th century Europe. This game will be run using the Minimus system (Ad Astra Games), an extremely simple set of rules that focuses on creating cinematic action, and fostering interaction between characters. It features a skill-based system that anyone with previous role-playing experience will pick up in about five minutes. Pre-generated characters provided, rules (only two pages long!) available online for free !

Don't Rest Your Head/GM-Kurt/Type-One Shot/4 Players Maximum

Don't Rest Your Head is a sleek, dangerous little game, where your players are all insomniac protagonists with superpowers, fighting?and using?exhaustion and madness to stay alive, and awake for just one more night, in a reality gone way wrong called the Mad City.

Street Fighter/GM-Chris Cunningham/Type-One Shot/2-5 Players

Not in an arena or dojo of any kind, you can only find your true fighting equals in the streets and secret locations of the world. You are a Street Fighter, able to shoot fire balls or kick so fast you actually lift yourself from the ground like a hurricane. While the competition is fierce, usually there is honor among Street Fighters. However, an evil threat looms over the society, a corporation named Shadaloo. Run by the dictator M. Bison, the corporation is bent on world domination and will use any means to accomplish the goal. The agents of Shadaloo have been sent to the area you are competing in, and even if you've never heard of them before, they know of you... what are they planning?

I will have FIVE pre-generated characters for play. Each has one of the fourteen fighting styles. The ones I have chosen are: Kabaddi (Yoga with mystical powers) Native American Wrestling (Holds and strikes, also mystical powers) Kung Fu (focusing on kicks, some specialized mystic powers) Sumo Wrestling (Holds and strikes, this character has unorthodox moves as well) Boxing (don't underestimate the boxer...)

If you've played the RPG before, or want to play a different fighting style (based on characters you like from the video game), let me know and I can make up a character for that style. Also, if you have the game or a character from a previous game, send me a character and I'll look it over for approval. (10 technique points maximum, about 6-7 moves, and normal attribute starting values, freebie points 15) Make sure to bring plenty of d10's! The game was built using White Wolf rules, so the only dice you will need are some d10's.

1st Edition AD&D/GM-Mark/Type-Campaign/4-6 Players


NOTES: All Characters are pregenerated. Adjusted some of the 1st Edition rules and used some information for 2nd, and 3rd Editions as well.

WORLD: Faerun (Forgotten Realms, maps only -- timeline, deities, and people of importance not used -- have own set of deities)

DESCRIPTION: The party has uncovered information from a bandit group (trying to rob them) that may lead to a powerful magical object and much treasure. The party deciphered the map with the help of a sage and travelled for 20 days to arrive at evil driven town of Waterdeep to search for this object.

RSVP Here: March RPGala

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