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2008-07-18 13:17:02

I'm wanting to start a gaming group in the Chesterfield area of Richmond. -- I moved here from the other end of the state and the 3.5 hr drive to keep playing w/ my old group is getting old.

The campaign I'm wanting to run is called "WoE", the World of Ends. The concept was created by a good friend and long time gamer friend of mine and is a world I have gamed in before.

Campaign Summary:

On June 5, 2025 the world as you know it today embarked on a path which has lead it to fall apart and into chaos. As the world continues to decline people turn to science as well as the past in an attempt to survive. All the while the ancient world of magic and the unexplained begins to surface once more. An enemy in the north is expanding and potentially threatening all life on this planet, but they are only one of the enemies, races and creatures that you'll encounter as the party works to unlock the mystery as to what has happened, as well as the secrets of their identity.

The campaign will be run on D&D 3.5 rules with a few "tweaks" necessary for the world we're playing in (ie, addition of skills check "computers").

If interested in playing, feel free to contact me and I can give you additional information on the campaign.

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2008-07-20 00:07:45

sounds a little like gamma world(an old game put out by tsr, i think right around 2nd edition ad&d. there is a referance to it in 1st edition dm guide)

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