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2007-10-11 08:35:19

UKON 2008 is rapidly approaching! The University of Kentucky's official gaming club, the Miskatonic Student Union, is happy to celebrate its twentieth year on campus with what will hopefully be its best convention yet!

This year, the con will be on February 8-9, 2008, running from 5pm to midnight on Friday and 10am to midnight on Saturday. Admission is only five dollars a day, and the con will be held in the University of Kentucky's Student Center, in the Grand Ballroom on the third floor, numerous additional rooms on the second floor, and the Cat's Den entertainment center on the ground floor. We'll have plenty of tabletop games, board games, card and miniatures tournaments, Cardhalla, a gaming auction, a movie room, and our annual character judging panel! As usual, we're bringing in vendors from all over the local region, and we'll be debuting our brand-new Artists' Alley, featuring many talented artists from the Lexington area.

If anyone is interested in more details about the convention, or in running an event at it, please email me at I hope to see a lot of Kentucky-area gamers there this year!

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