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2013-08-21 16:05:08

I'm new to NearbyGamers, but I was wondering if anyone in the Philly area was interested in getting a semi-regular game going. I'm interested in Fate and Savage Worlds, but I would be willing to try other systems. There doesn't seem to be a lot of discussion going on here for the Philly area, so maybe we should get it going again.

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2013-09-08 04:12:51

I'd be interested.

RPG gamer looking for a group
2014-02-11 02:10:41

Me too!

Versatile RPer/part-time student
2018-10-04 00:24:05

Totally interested. I really want to get into FATE as a player, especially since I have a few friends who are interested in me running a campaign later in the year.

EDIT: just realised this was a 5-year-old post. Damn.

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