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Hey, I Need A Bunch Of Excellent Players For 5E!
2015-09-25 19:04:25

This post will be brutally, inexcusably long, so here's the TL;DR early for you.

The TL;DR:

* I'm an experienced and passionate DM who is looking for a bunch of players for three (or four) different 5E D&D games to be played online.

* The first is a creative, unusual full homebrew campaign with tons of story and RP as well as intense tactical challenges, intended for levels 11 to beyond 20. I'm working on this now, and it won't be happening for some time yet, but I want very special players for this game so I'm willing to look for a long while. This is my big, "main" campaign that I want to run for a long time and put a lot of effort into.

* The second is a very basic, simple Lost Mine of Phandelver run-through for low-level characters with less emphasis on RP, but with the encounters "reloaded" (customized) to be more challenging and interesting. This one I want to start very soon, and I will be much less selective about players for it. Players (and possibly even characters) from this game COULD end up going into the later homebrew campaign.

* The third is a SOLO (one player) campaign, mostly based around the new Out of the Abyss adventure/setting, but with some homebrew stuff mixed in, very story and RP heavy, highly character focused, but with a fair amount of combat as well. For this one I'm looking for a very good roleplayer who is able to invest a lot in their character and the story. I want to start this one fairly soon, but not as immediately as the Phandelver game above.

* The possible fourth is a run of Out of the Abyss for a full group, most likely not starting until the Phandelver game is finished or well under way, and maybe not at all for the near future, but who knows?

* All of these games will have a lot of house rules, more powerful and/or versatile characters than normal, more tactically challenging battles than normal, and expectations of at least a modicum of effort put into playing in-character. Voice chat will be mandatory, including willingness to narrate and speak as your character using VOIP, rather than typing.

* Also, you need to be a decent human being. My virtual table will be a reasonably safe, respectful, and inclusive space where people of any race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity will be welcome and will not be forced to listen to bigots spouting off hateful or ignorant speech that demeans them.

Whew! That was the TL;DR? Seriously? How long is the actual post gonna be...?

Actually, I've decided that I'm not going to post the rest of it here, because it's just too huge and awesome for a mere forum to contain. So if I've piqued your interest at all with the TL;DR above, then come on over to Google docs and see the full post, which is, as mentioned, a bit absurdly long.

Google Docs

So go check that out, read it if you dare, and then send me a private message here if you want to jump in on this!

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Looking to play some fantasy RPG.
2015-09-26 18:39:00

The 2nd adventure sounds fun. Let me know what the next step is.

— Rono
Hey, I Need A Bunch Of Excellent Players For 5E!
2015-09-28 22:35:57


The next step would be reading the Google doc that I linked there, which has a lot more information and instructions about how to get involved. Thanks!

Hey, I Need A Bunch Of Excellent Players For 5E!
2015-10-01 04:43:02

I have received far more responses to this ad than I can possibly accommodate, so this should be considered closed for now.

2015-10-04 14:10:15

Well I was hoping you still had a spot available that I could join, if not don't worry about it:)

2018-04-17 13:43:19

Im interested!

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