VCON 34, Oct 2-4, 2009

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Vancouver's Annual Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Gaming Con
2009-09-11 07:39:03

VCON 34 - Vancouver's Annual Science Fiction, Fantasy and Gaming Convention.
October 2-4, 2009 at the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown

VCON is Canada's longest running fan convention held annually in the Vancouver metro region of BC. This year's guests of honour are:

  • Author GoH: Tanya Huff
  • Artist GoH: Miles Teves
  • Media GoH: Christine Willes
  • Comic GoHs: Ryan Sohmer & Lar DeSouza
  • Special Guests: GeeksOn! Podcasters
    (Aaron Hendricks, Matt Yang King, Donald Marshall, & Peter Robinson)

For the best rates purchase your membership during the early registration period which ends September 15 (just 5 more days!) For complete details about the convention please visit our web site:

Thanks for reading, hope to see you at the con!

Jenni Merrifield
VCON Games Coordinator: vcongames [at]
VCON Webmaster: vconwebmaster [at]

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