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Local game looking for more players updated 8/2018
2018-09-23 21:33:04

Our group has been playing together since ‘08. Currently there are four of us, all near 40 who meet at my place in Lansing. We usually play a homebrew of Pathfinder as our main game but are starting a game of StarFinder here soon. I GM the main game, but we like to switch it up sometimes and others are welcome to run games too. Sometimes we play Munchkin or some other card game (Arkham Horror,Cards against Humanity) when we don’t feel like rpg or if a player is missing.

Fitting in is important to us, you need to have a laid back personality who enjoys bullshiting about pop culture and NO RULES LAWYERS. The Story is more important to us then spending hours looking up obscure rules lol.

If you think you might be a fit, let me know. We game on Thursday nights, 6ish to 9-10:00pm. We usually throw in for pizza

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