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Especially fond story games and immersive roleplay
2009-01-14 23:44:45

Hello folks!

My gf and I moved into the area a few months back and have yet to find a good RP group. We are particularly keen on more story-driven rules-light systems, but really any group that has a fondness for the in-character aspects of role playing would be great no matter what the system.

Let me know if you have a game that has a couple of empty spots or would like to work with me on putting one together!

Cheers, Brian

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I like story games.
2009-01-15 00:20:52

hi Brian, you should check out:

* Endgame, an excellent game store in Oakland that hosts game events and provides a good meeting place for gaming.

* Troupe Berkeley, a low-traffic mailing list for gamer meetups in Berkeley and Oakland.


Tabletop gamer on the make.
2009-04-03 06:21:39

My wife and I are moving to Oakland this weekend. Still looking for people to game with?

On-and-off RPGer. Former GM now looking to play.
2010-07-14 03:29:14

Hey, everyone. We've got a rules-light old school fantasy game going that uses some innovative new rules borrowed from indie games. If you're interested, let me know.

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