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2016-08-30 18:59:04


My name is Matt and I have been playing RPG games since 1981. I have come outta retirement and am looking for a goup. I would like to DM a AD&D 1st ed, or ANY scifi RPG gaming system like Gamma World, Star Frontiers, Mega-Traveller, etc. I am also up for being a player in an exsisting group if there is an opening. Adults only please 18+. I have contacted folks on this site and we will see if anyone responds. I have pleanty of time to create all sorts of stuff to blow your mind as a DM.

Went to some hobby stores in Memphis to see if there were any message boards or cool stuff. I should have just sat in a hole and stabbed my eyes out. The one gaming store I knew, closed. The midsouth hobby store allow me to reflect on all the people who ever complained about something being dirty or disorderly, clearly NEVER stepped foot in this vortex of saddness. The only non warhammer item in the whole store were 6 ugly lead figurines that you could use on a table map for 8$ ea. They also showed me how someone can fail at stacking excessively.

So, I am opening this forum to fight back against the total lack of RPG action in the midsouth. Let me know if you are interested in some RPG action, or where they are hidding all the game storeas in Memphis. Thanks!

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2016-08-31 20:15:48

Got a good first response from kentouwarrior today. I will be checking this site every afternoon when I can. Please leave a response if you are interested in joining a AD&D game, or if you like scifi I can DM that too in the Midsouth area. If you know of any good gaming shops in Memphis, please spread the knowledge. I like metal figurines, and most of mine look like they've been put in a washing machine. Wouldnt mind getting some more and painting them up. Game On!

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2016-09-01 20:47:33

The jack pot for metal figurines is at search=> unpainted miniatures

Other sites are charging CRAZY prices for miniatures

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2016-09-01 20:52:44

There is a really cool game called Star Fontiers. You can get it free and fast at Star Its a simple game that is really fun to play. I would love to DM this as a side game.

2016-09-04 19:51:21

Hello Matt, I live in Fayette county (not that far away!) and have never played any RPGs in person. I have played many of the video games that follow the rpg model like Baldur's Gate. I've always wanted to try D&D but I'm also having a problem finding others interested in playing. If you get a group going, please let me know! I have the players guide for 5th edition D&D, but I will play whichever the group wants.

Btw- My wife and I went to the same hobby store and she vowed never again! I don't think they had cleaned in a long while.

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2016-09-04 20:38:37

Hey, glad to hear your interest. I will be monitoring this forum daily to bring folks together to group up. I have only played 1st edition D&D. I know there are several versions of this game. I think we can come up with a workaround that can have everyone happy. I will also be running a Star Fontiers game on the side if scifi is appealing. Once we get 4-5 players we will need to workout a time to start D&D.

2016-09-11 21:29:16

Just curious if there's been any updates or news! Looking forward to finding a group to D&D with!

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2016-09-12 16:59:08

No further updates. This may take weeks to find folks with the same times to group together. I will be looking at this forum until the end of the year. I have asked other goups if they need players, but no one has responded. Keep hope alive!

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2016-09-13 18:22:06

I started a discussion called Midsouth D&D game startup. Looks like another forum type, except an e-mail alert is set if its in your area I think. Hopefully we can get more interest with this.

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2016-09-13 18:40:45

Ok, I just message bombed all the folks under 30 miles from my house that say they want some D&D action. Hopefully some other folks can shoutout and we can get this rolling.

2016-09-13 19:22:44

Been searching for mature people to game with. Right now it's me and wife as well as close family friends. We play 3.5 dnd, 5th ed . D6 star wars and white wolf games. Located in horn lake Southaven area.

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2016-09-14 16:15:03

Thanks for responding DrkMagusX. So it looks like you already have a D&D group setup. I have gotten 3 responses for a group to startup. It seems everyone has different editions of D&D. I am familar with the 1st and 2nd ed. I wanted to see what changes are in these other version to see if I can create hybrid rules for an open game so all versions can be used to help with all these versions. I am also trying to start a Star Fontiers game up. It has one version and is a free and easy download for everyone. If you already have a game running, maybe the folks that have your editions can contact you to join. If I do not create a group by the end of the year, maybe I can join your group if you allow a learning curve. Again, thanks for the response.

2016-09-14 16:54:41


I just moved back to Memphis and am interested in getting back into RPG games. I don't have a ton of experience with different systems; I have played D&D 3.5 and 4.0, but have no trouble learning.

2016-09-14 17:59:52

My gf has been wanting to play and I have been wanting to get back in. Sunday evening is probably the only time I could do because of my new job and all the traveling involved. I am cool with whatever, I would love to o a sci-fi game, but I will play whatever everyone else wants to.

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2016-09-15 19:18:41

Ok, kentouwarrior if you want some sci-fi action, I can GM a great Star Frontiers game. I have free time, so Sundays are open for me after 11am. Can't stay up past 11pm or I start mubblin' and yawnin'.

If this sounds good, we need min 3 players. You can get free download at Star or Star and its under 10mb. I play all role playing in an open formate. So other sources can be used, but the base mechanics of the game is in the star frontiers rule set Alpha Dawn - Expanded. The knight hawks rules set is for outerspace ship to ship. The rule book is 65 pages and is an eazy read. It may seem simple, but the storyline and expanded sources make it complex and fun.

If that sounds cool, and we get enough folks we can start to set that up. I wanted to run this as a second game and have some weekly D&D meet that can be on another day.

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2016-09-15 19:44:48

Hey celpy5, and all the rest looking for groups, if Sunday scifi sounds good, check out star frontiers. If that looks like some action you'd like we can get this ball rollin! We would need 3-6 players. More than 6 is totally doable, but "more the merrier!" seems to work best in D&D.

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2016-09-23 13:33:05

No further updates. Looks like possible 2 for Sci-fi Sunday, and possible 2 for D&D, but no time or version. I will continue checking this forum.

2016-10-07 09:29:08

I'm definitely interested in the Star Frontiers. I actually prefer Sci-Fi because I enjoy the technological aspect of it. I'm sure my gf would play. Sunday afternoon around 3 or 4 would probably be best. Hopefully my gf can fix her work schedule and I may have to work the occasional weekend(out of town).

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2016-10-09 19:50:11

Im glad to hear your interest. So, now we have 2 definite players and a GM for Sunday afternoon-evening. Just need one more player to start. Please post if you want in on this. Thanks!

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2016-10-09 20:04:49

Hey, I just created a group called "Bluff City Sci-fi" for Sci-fi Sundays!

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