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I'm a damn good DM and I want to game.
2012-10-11 18:43:00

I'm going to be starting a game soon. I need 3 to 5 players. Females welcome as my fiance needs to meet more gamer girls like herself. Male gamers welcome as well. No drama. Serious role players. email me at

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I'm a damn good DM and I want to game.
2012-10-12 16:22:24

It is 1,010 Before the Battle of Yavin and the galaxy is embroiled in conflict once more. To understand the present, one must know the past. For nearly a thousand years, the Sith had been organized into the New Sith Empire of Darth Ruin; waging a centuries-long war against the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic, nearly toppling both. Countless Sith Lords staked their claim across the galaxy, establishing territories from the Outer Rim Territories until they began to encroach on the Galactic Core. As the Republic crumbled, members of the Jedi Order deemed themselves Jedi Lords and took control of their own territories, holding back the Sith Empire's Coreward approach. In a naive attempt to end the war through politics, the Jedi High Council raised their protege Skere Kaan to the rank of Jedi Master. An extremist and a radical, Kaan left the Order on his belief that it had brought suffering upon the galaxy through its failure to act and rallied his followers together to form the Brotherhood of Darkness. Kaan and his Brotherhood announced to the Republic and Jedi leadership that they would take control of the remaining Sith enclaves as part of a scheme to reform the Republic. Within a few brief months, Kaan and his followers had crushed the most feared Sith Lords and taken their worlds as their own. The Sith devolved into in fighting for the title of Darth and the resources of the Sith Empire. As the Sith stand poised to lose every advantage over the Republic, one lone man steps into the shadows to rule them all. Ex-Jedi Master Skere Kaan, now Dark Lord of the Sith Kaan.

In recent history, the Brotherhood of Darkness has consolidated its newly conquered worlds, and Kaan has declared war on the Republic and given himself the title Dark Lord of the Sith. Kaan has organized a new Sith Council and bestowed the title of Dark Lord upon each of its members. Under the "Rule of the Strong", Kaan and his followers are set on toppling the Jedi and the Republic. In order to destroy the Republic and the Jedi, even at their weakened state, the Brotherhood needs to amass a huge army.

At academies across the galaxy, Force-sensitives are being trained to become fearsome warriors, assassins and spies, while only the best will be sent to serve at the Sith Academy on Korriban. You are one of these acolytes. You may aspire to greatness, hunger for power, lust for revenge, or simply want to survive. Whatever your reason, you are here at the Academy on Dathomir. Should you succeed in your classes, your battles, and somehow rise above your other class mates you may be promoted to the Academy on Korriban. There you will be under the tutelage of Headmaster Qordis, you will come to know the true nature of the Force and learn to unleash your hatred and passions upon your enemies. Beware, the Academy is a treacherous place and allies are in short supply, make your friends wisely and choose your enemies even more carefully.

Your characters should be impacted by some traumatizing event which drives them either toward the Force or towards the Dark Side. They don’t all have to be violent sociopaths, but they do all have to have a reason to fight and survive. I encourage detailed backstories with people from your character’s past described in detail, as I usually bring them into the story. If anyone’s interested, let me know here or message me or find me on facebook. I’m looking forward to this game and I need dedicated players. I’d prefer around 4-6 players, with some good female players since they add more to the roleplay element. If you have any one else who is interested let me know and we can meet up somewhere to discuss times and places as well as characters. I’ll help people with character generation as new players are welcome. I’m a fairly experienced DM and I love players who put effort into their characters.

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