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2015-09-15 21:08:14

I'm in Northern Brazil, IN (actually have a Parke County address). Willing to travel to Greencastle or even Terre Haute, or willing to host (you may need 4WD to access in bad weather). I prefer adult, working gamers, with similar mindsets and mature attitudes, and limited distractions during the game. I would like to play once a week, ideally.

I've played and GMed just about everything D&D or d20. Willing to GM most of the time if that's what you need, but I like to play, too, so more than one GM is great for me. If you have specific questions, please fire away!


P.S. No kids. I won't play with them, and I won't game with them in the house, and I am deadly serious about this. I will just leave, and not return. I also won't game at hobby stores. If this offends you, well, it probably wouldn't have worked out anyways.

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