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looking for local roleplayers
2011-10-23 03:34:18

Current Game: Madruk's Destiny
Setting: C'Thran (Grannadar)

Current Players: 4 Players Desired: 6

Location: Fort Pierce Florida (Along Okeechobee Rd)

Schedule: *Currently playing on Thursday nights from 5:30 - 6pm until 11:30 - 11:45pm.

**Sometime around November this game will be moved to Sundays from 6pm until 12am and the location may also be moved to Vero Beach Florida (Near Indian River Mall).

Best way to contact for this group is "cthrangames at gmail dot com" feel free to ask us anything. If you're a dedicated roleplayer and want to have some fun in a mature (as mature as gamers can be) and roleplay heavy campaign then we can meet and discuss our new adventure together!

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