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I am currently running a "Starwars Game: Old Republic era" using the world of darkness d10 rules with a conversion book. The rules are here, (Some Rules are tweaked for balance)

it uses the new world of darkness rules :).

It is set after the jedi civil war, in the nilgaard sector. For more game info contact me.

We currently play Tuesday nights 6pm-12pmEST Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +10 hours (Melbourne Australia) - The time may be changed to suit players from different regions if possible since currently we only have two players, we can negotiate the time/day.

New players are welcome, just need some knowledge of starwars universe, rules can be learned :)

Currently need more players, so add me to skype or email me and we can discuss more.

skype: andrewkarvinen


PS: I Also run a Vampire reqeuim :Rome , game.It is played Saturday, 1pm-6pm, same time zone. Let me know if interested in either.

Thanks :)

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