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Wushu is a simple, universal, non-traditional role-playing game. It was written by Dan Bayn, and parts were released under a creative commons licence.

Two main principles of the game are the Principle of Narrative Truth, and the Description Bonus.

Under the Principle of Narrative Truth, whatever a player says goes. The player character does not attempt an action, but simply completes it. This leads to more over the top conflicts, emulating Hollywood action movies. To curb abuse anyone, not just the Game Master, can "Veto" details that are not in genre.

The mechanic of Description Bonus comes into play when a player is describing their actions. the more details the player adds, the more six-sided dice are added to their dice pool. For instance: "I hit him." is worth one die. But, "I duck his honed samuri blade, its razor-sharp edge inches from my face. I now stand, throwing my full weight into an epic haymaker on his glass jaw. Blood splatters across my face." is worth five dice!


-Wushu Wiki - Full of Wushu Goodness
-Wushu Open Reloaded - A fan-driven rewrite of the free/CC-licensed Wushu Open rules

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