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Walraven is a text-based mud that strives to push the boundaries of what is possible in the genre. Walraven has been (very slowly) under development for over 10 years now and is still in beta (told you it was slow), but if any of the devs ever find the time... it's only a few hundred hours of work away from opening :P

Game Features

  • Persistent world - If you drop something and come back later, it'll still be there (unless it decays or somebody else picks it up, of course)
  • Position system - All rooms are divided up into local coordinate grids. It's possible to walk around within rooms. Position and distance matter.
  • Roundless - Some actions take longer than others to perform. There are no "combat rounds" per se.
  • Player driven - Much of the evolution of the game world and the development of its underlying systems have been directly influenced by players.
  • Player created - Most of the buildings and interesting places in the game were built by players. They chopped down trees (with axes crafted from ore they dug in mines they built...), dragged them to the appropriate locations, and built the houses.
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telnet 4242

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