Void 1.1, or Void, is a 28mm scale tabletop science-fiction wargame, originally produced by i-Kore (now defunct) and now produced by Scotia Grendel (who also produce the associated Urban War skirmish game). The rules are free for download, and like the miniatures are available from Scotia Grendel.


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"VOID 1.1 is a fast-paced skirmish game, with the emphasis placed on enjoyable free flowing game play. It uses a unit-by-unit activation system that encourages strategic use of supporting troops,and prevents the game from becoming mired in hour-long turns. The game mechanics are clear and concise, allowing you to fight games ranging from very small skirmishes with only a few miniatures, to massive battles using hundreds of miniatures. Simple enough for beginners, the game system also has subtle depths that will provide a satisfying challenge for the experienced player."

Set in the Draconis-Alba Galaxy, in the universe of Void 1.1, Humanity's homeworld of Viridia and earliest colonies of Prime and Ironglass are now the capitals of mighty and competitive interstellar empires, an uneasy (and sometimes fictitious) peace that is kept by VASA, tthe Pan-Humanic Protectorate.

The Homeworlds:

Viridia: The Viridians - ruled by a corporate assembly in what some term democracy and others oligarchy, they feel constant guilt for the near-destruction of humanity's homeworld of Viridia and seek to minimize the environmental impact of their forces, blending high-tech power armor with saurian fighting platforms and elite light infantry. Both the Junkers and the Syntha fought bloody wars of independence against Viridia hundreds of years ago that none are eager to forget - or forgive.

Prime: The Syntha - A civilization of master scientists and innovators ruled by Prime AI, though they and their society seem almost inhuman to the rest of Pan-Humanic space, this matters little to the Syntha, for they have Faith In The Machine. Their Homeworld of Prime is made entirely of the best superconductor in the known universe, allowing them to create ever more advanced machines to serve them while they pursue their ultimate goal - the perfect, sustainable fusion of man and machine, the next step in human evolution. Robots, Cyborgs, advanced AIs, and even the god-like biomechs comprise the armies of the Syntha Collective.

Ironglass: The Junkers - The Junkers of Ironglass are a secretive police state, a throwback to the colony's origin as a prison world. Life is cheap on Ironglass and her colonies, and invariably short. The Convict Legions of the Junkers Senate have expanded the borders of their empire ever outwards, leaving no asteroid unturned or planet unexploited in their search for resources and wealth enough to keep them on an even footing with the other powers.

The Protectorate:

VASA - Headquartered on Vacillus, VASA, once the Viridian Aeronautics and Space Administration, now bears responsibility as the policing body of Pan-Humanic Space, arbiter of disputes between the three Great Powers of the Tripartite Confederacy and guardians of the frontier against the Koralon menace. Some view VASA as the best hope for a fractious humanity, while others view them as little more than the faceless enforcers of the Tripartite Confederacy's status quo. While VASAs armies are immense, it must rely on militia and colonial marine levies from signatory states to augment its Suppressors and elite special forces, whose equipment is among the finest in the Draconis-Alba Galaxy.

The Agents of Apocalypse:

The Koralon - sweeping in from their empire on the Rim, the Koralon are the first sapient alien species encountered by humanity. Amphibious creatures that have developed a symbiotic (or parasitic, depending on which scientist one asks) relationship with an infectious coral-like microbe, they seem bent on either destroying humanity, or changing us to suit their purposes. Serpentine Purestrain alien Koralon lead hosts of twisted human-coraline hybrids, vicious parodies of humanity.

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