Based on Stan Sakai's Eisner-award winning comic-book series, USAGI YOJIMBO: Anthropomorphic Fantasy Role-Play is a stand-alone game set in a fantastic version of Tokugawa-era Japan. While the warring states have been brought to peace under the watchful eyes of the Shogunate, danger still abounds in the form of greedy bandits, scheming warlords, and even the supernatural. But a house that heaps evil upon evil cannot stand ...

Players take on the roles of brave samurai warriors, clever schemers, wise priests, and other heroes as they battle against the forces of corruption, despair, and evil in Sakai's fantastic blend of historical and fantastical Japan. More that a source-book for the Usagi characters and stories, this game stands apart as a combination of story-telling and role-playing -- where players work together to craft tales of heroism and drama. A unique system combines simple rules for complex results -- even allowing characters to trade old abilities for new ones as the world changes with them. Play along side Usagi, Tomoe, Gennosuke as they fight Lord Hikiji and his minions ... or create whole new stories of your own.

Quick conflict resolution, many different "maneuvers" (think Feats from D&D) to personalize and spice up combat. Most powers are fueled by separate resources (like Quickness and Grit) that can only be used a certain number of times per scene. This, coupled with many other nuances makes this game flow just like one of Sakai's comics.

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