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The Spoils is a CCG like Magic or Versus.

It has five trades (resource types), each of which has their own resources, items, characters, locations and tactics.

Unlike in most other CCGs, though, you start with two resources in play already. And, unlike in Magic, where not drawing enough Lands will result in Manascrew, you can place cards in your hand face-down to act as resources.

Each turn, the player must unattach resources and undeplete characters. They must then either draw a card OR drop a resource. These actions can be performed later by attaching resources (three for drawing, four for playing a resource). These abilities can be performed multiple times, and at any time during the game.

Each card has a numeric cost, which can be paid for using any resource types, a type, and a threshold. This threshold is the minimum amount of a certain type of resource that must be in play for the card to be legal. For example, playing The Billionaire requires five resources, and has a threshold of four Deception. If you do not have four Deception in play, you cannot play this card. If you do have the threshold, then you can play the card, using any resources you have in play.

The Spoils also has a more obvious sense of humour, and has many references to Internet culture. The most outstanding example of this is the Gearsmith trade, who have 1f3s, who speak in 1337, cards with 1337 on them, the resource Elitism, and cards with other Internet references like A Series of Tubes.

For more information, check Wikipedia, the official site, and Athena, a Spoils card searcher, like Wizard's Gatherer for Magic.

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