Talisman: The Magical Quest Game is a fantasy themed adventure board game for two to six players, originally designed and produced by Games Workshop and now published by Fantasy Flight Games. The game was first released in 1983 and has gone through several revisions. While the most recent revision is the revised Fourth Edition (2008), the Second Edition was available longer than and is more popular than the Third Edition. The older versions of Talisman are currently out of print. The Third Edition and some of the Expansion Sets are loosely connected to Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy setting. The Revised Fourth Edition is currently available.

The object of the game is to progress through a series of regions and reach the Crown of Command. The game contains three regions: the Outer Region, the Middle Region and the Inner Region. Players start in the Outer Region and try to progress inward. The Inner Region contains the Crown of Command, the central board position. To reach the Crown of Command, players must pass through the Valley of Fire. Only characters possessing a talisman may enter the Valley of Fire, hence the name of the game.

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