Ptolus: Monte Cook's City by the Spire Cover illustration by Todd Lockwood. Cartography by Ed Bourelle. Interior art by Jason Engle, The Forge Studios (Maciej Zagorski and Pawel Dobosz), Michael Komarck, Eric Lofgren, Howard Lyon, and Michael Phillippi.

If you were to imagine the most deluxe roleplaying game product ever, what would be in it? More than 600 pages of fantasy source and adventure material from one of the industry's greatest designers? Check. Glorious full-color art? Check. Double-sided poster map? Player handouts? A CD-ROM packed with bonus material? Check, check, and check.

What is Ptolus?

The ultimate fantasy campaign in which adventurers plumb the depths of a gigantic underground labyrinth filled with treasure, monsters, and traps—or try to make names for themselves in a city filled with intrigues, politics, and mystery. The very first and longest-running 3rd Edition campaign, run by one of the game's designers for industry celebs including two editors of Dragon® magazine, two editors of Dungeon®, three Wizards of the Coast roleplaying designers and three editors, and even the former D&D business manager. A detailed city setting crammed with characters, locations, and enough adventures to take characters from 1st to 20th level. The most deluxe RPG package ever designed; this 672-page book includes more than 130 pages of color artwork and maps, bound-in fabric bookmarks, two dozen handouts, and a CD-ROM containing additional bonus products-including more than 350 pages of additional Ptolus adventures and source material. A work of unsurpassed usability, featuring extensive indexing and cross-referencing throughout, designed and tested by the author of the Dungeon Master's Guide and the "Dungeoncraft" column in Dungeon to make play even easier and more fun.

No wonder we need almost 700 pages to do it right!

A Deluxe Adventure-Sourcebook

The world of Ptolus was the very first 3rd Edition playtest campaign. It influenced (and was influenced by) the development of the game we all love, and was played in by a veritable Who's Who of the professional gaming scene (Bruce Cordell, Erik Mona, Sean Reynolds, Keith Strohm, Chris Perkins, Jesse Decker, Andy Collins, Michele Carter, Sue Cook, and more).

Features of the book include a Todd Lockwood embossed cover, amazing color interiors, tons of handouts, player aids, a poster map, CD-Rom, plus some out-of-this-world tie-in products from us and others.

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