Mordheim is produced by Specialist Games, a division of Games Workshop. It was mostly developed by the former Finnish Games Workshop worker Tuomas Pirinen. It is a skirmish miniature wargame game based on the Warhammer Fantasy Battle game, but on a small scale with only a handful of figures per side (similar to Warbands) and terrain to represent the destroyed city of "Mordheim: City of the Damned".

Mordheim is set 500 years before the current time in the Warhammer world, where opposing factions fight in the ruins of a once-great city. Mordheim, once a great city capital of the Empire's most northern realm, was slowly enveloped by corruption. The only beacon of hope and sanity in Mordheim was the Convent of the Sisterhood of Sigmar. Weeks before the end of the year 1999, the symbol of Sigmar himself - the twin-tailed comet - had appeared in the sky. As midnight of the final day of the year approached, Daemons crept from the shadows and mingled with the throng, crying joyously and cavorting with man and woman alike. As the festival reached its zenith, the comet impacted upon the city. Only the Temple of Sigmar's Rock, home to the Sisterhood of Sigmar, remained unblemished. The city burned for weeks, the comet leaving the ruins of Mordheim covered in shards of solidified Chaos, soon to become known as wyrdstone. When Mordheim finally stopped burning, mercenary warbands from all over the Empire and beyond came in search of it, for it was said that wyrdstone can do anything; change your luck and fortune and turn lead into gold. Of course, Man was not the only race interested in wyrdstone, and many other creatures prowl the City of the Damned.

If you like the idea of playing in a narrative campaign where the outcome of each battle effects the next, where your warband progresses, gaining experience and better equipment, then Mordheim is for you. For more information visit this excellent website: The Mordheimer's Information Centere

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