Monsters and Other Childish Things

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Monsters and Other Childish Things (M&OCT) is a modern horror game about children and their pet monsters. Their monsters love them, but don't always know how to properly show that affection, so the children often end up having to keep their monsters out of trouble. The core book contains the rules, information on the types of challenges that might happen as you vary details of the setting, such as "almost nobody knows about monsters" vs. "almost everybody knows about monsters," and a sample adventure to run.

This game uses a simplified version of the One Roll Engine (ORE) used in games like Godlike, Wild Talents, Nemesis, and Reign. One of M&OCT's most unique features is a one-roll monster generator. With a single roll you can determine how your monster's hit locations are set up and what their special powers are.

M&OCT is written by Benjamin Baugh and published by Arc Dream Publishing.

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