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It is Japan 1572, the end of the Senguko period of history. Like many transitions of power the country is filled with strife, warring factions pulling any able bodied men into war, leaving villages populated by only women, children and old men.

Now a small, nearly indefensible village is living under the horror of a dangerous threat that casts its long shadow over the village. Without a defender, its people are almost certainly doomed.

Enter Kagematsu, a wayward ronin fleeing a troubled past. Here is a defender for the village, if only he can be swayed from his meandering course. So it is that several young women conspire among themselves to win his affections and steer him to their cause . . .
These are the types of stories you will tell with this game. It focuses in on gender relationships and on courtship and perhaps even love. The game requires that a female play the (male) lead role of Kagematsu, which usually throws gender expectations on their ear. Will she choose to play a slovenly drunk, a pitiable young warrior, a cowardly old man, a womanizing predator? How will the females of the village react? How far will they go to save the village? What will they discover about him, each other, the Threat along the way?

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